Brdr. Krüger

The wooden monkey is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant creations of Kay Bojesen and one of our most treasured pieces. Despite being part of the collection of Rosendahl for a long time, the friendly monkey in teak and limba wood is produced since 1992 in the factory of Brdr. Krüger. In addition to the decorative wooden figure, laboriously manufactured with 32 pieces, the Danish brand has a beautiful collection of elegant complements and furniture. Founded in 1886 by two brothers, Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger, the family run brand expresses in an exemplary way the Scandinavian aesthetic, a mixture of simplicity, beauty and respect for materials. From classics and pieces of emerging designers, the collection of Brdr. Krüger, although diverse and eclectic, shows its consistency through the craftmanship and brilliant use of wood. The elegant Tray Table, designed in 1963 by Hans Bølling, the Ferdinand armchair by studio OeO or the original Lune table lamp demonstrate the quality of the Danish brand's pieces and their auspicious future, perhaps for more 130 years!