Although we appreciate design coming from all over the world, it is always nice to discover Portuguese brands that are taking the right steps and making quality products. Founded by architects Luís Leite and Ana Ferreira, Beebla is the perfect example of this, featuring a playful collection of toys produced in Portugal. Inspired by Sedici Animali, a beautiful animal puzzle designed by Enzo Mari in 1957 (one of our favorite classics), the duo has also developed a set of wooden animal figures, but in the case of Beebla the box was developed in cork. Containing 10 figures of animals, Jungle box represents the animal world through its stylized shapes that combined with the use of natural materials and their expressive qualities provide strong visual stimuli. Agglomerated cork and sycamore wood have a smooth and warm touch, as well as a fine and homogeneous texture, providing a unique sensory experience.
Apart from Jungle, Beebla collection has other products such as an appealing wooden stamp box, made with an ancient engraving technique; and a large elephant covered in fabric, ideal for sitting, lying or mounting.

"Bleebla is our alter-ego. Its amusing phonetics, which may be associated with a babbling of unintelligible sounds, leads us to a world that we try to translate into objects that combine material and sensory traditions with contemporary concepts and techniques. Our goal is to produce simple, timeless, high-quality objects that appeal to ageless senses and emotions. We pursue this goal throughout the entire design and production process, focusing on details, on the search and selection of raw materials, on careful manufacturing and packaging choices."