Best of Portugal: Print & Music

Inspired by the Spanish Tourist Office initiative developed with Monocle magazine in the last months and motivated by the lack of promotion of the best brands and places by the Portuguese Tourist Office, O Editorial will publish in the following weeks 50 of its favourite things in Portugal, from architecture and design to culture and style. In the sixth part of Best of Portugal series, the focus will be on the best record label, magazines and publishers:

Tinta da China - Created in 2005, the lisboan publisher continues to present the best portuguese and international authors in books with great design. Under art direction of Vera Tavares, Tinta da China is an unavoidable reference in the portuguese editorial world, now present in Brazil too.

Optimus Discos - Representing the best local bands, Optimus Discos has done a remarkable job spreading the word about portuguese music. With free download of every music at their site, the record label doesn't only show renown names, as well as new talents, including Balla, League and Best Youth.

XXI Ter Opinião - Under the direction of António Barreto, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation is a renown think tank, which its 'main objective is studying the portuguese reality'. Their annual magazine XXI Ter Opinião is an essential read to understand the political, economic and social climate in Portugal.

Planeta Tangerina - Since 1999 that Planeta Tangerina has the best books for children. Collaborating with talented portuguese illustrators, like Bernardo Carvalho or Madalena Matoso, the publisher presents appealing books 'where text and images work together creating a unique outcome'.

Adufe - Named after the traditional musical instrument, the magazine of Idanha-a-Nova municipality is a great example how to make public service in an appealing way. With design by Silvadesigners, Adufe has great illustration and photography, with special focus on local personalities, traditions and fauna.