Best of Portugal: Heritage Brands

Inspired by the Spanish Tourist Office initiative developed with Monocle magazine in the last months and motivated by the lack of promotion of the best brands and places by the Portuguese Tourist Office, O Editorial will publish in the following weeks 50 of its favourite things in Portugal, from architecture and design to culture and urbanism. In the first part of Best of Portugal series, the focus will be on the oldest portuguese brands, that in recent years had a revival, much through the effort of A Vida Portuguesa in revealing this treasures of the portuguese heritage:

Minor Canned Fish - Established in 1930, Conserveira de Lisboa has in the Minor brand, created in 1955, the way to present the best national canned mackarel, sardine and horse mackarel.

Bordallo Pinheiro - This decorative ceramic swallows, exclusive of A Vida Portuguesa, are the best examples of the quality products made by Bordallo Pinheiro, founded in 1884.

Claus Porto - Despite being created by two germans in 1887, Claus Porto turn out to be one of the biggest symbols of products made in Portugal, pairing great fragances with vintage inspired packaging. Buy it here.

Semogue - Being the only portuguese brand producing shaving brushes, Semogue continues to accompany the traditional shave of many men since 1955. Buy it here.

Couto Toothpaste - Launched in 1932, medicinal Couto toothpaste is sold throughout the world, remaining 'on everyone's mouth', as its advertisment made clear. Buy it here.