Best of Portugal: Drinks

Inspired by the Spanish Tourist Office initiative developed with Monocle magazine in the last months and motivated by the lack of promotion of the best brands and places by the Portuguese Tourist Office, O Editorial will publish in the following weeks 50 of its favourite things in Portugal, from architecture and design to culture and style. In the eighth part of Best of Portugal series, the focus will be on some of the portuguese best drinks:

Quiosque do Refresco - Result of the collaboration with Sabores de Santa Clara, and with labels designed by Ricardo Mealha, Capilé and Groselha syrups are one of lisboans favourite drinks. Being the only portuguese syrups made exclusively of natural ingredients, without artificial food colouring and flavours, Quiosque do Refresco drinks are perfect to refresh in the hotter days.

Gloria Patri - Being part of Renova group, Gloria Patri is one the best sparkling waters in Portugal. Extracted in one of the biggest world's hydropolis, in São Miguel volcanic island, the water stands out for its mildy gasification, being one the greatest Azores symbols.

Sovina - Produced in Porto, Sovina beer conquered the portuguese people with its authentic flavour, elaborated with traditional brewing methods. Presenting several types of beer, from Munich Helles to Weissbier, Sovina uses CO2 (gas) naturally produced through brewer's yeast, without food colouring or preservatives.

Quinta do Vallado - Being one of the most emblematic farms in Douro (see more here), Quinta do Vallado raised the bar with the launch of Adelaide Tributa. Produced in 1866, bottled in numbered limited series of 1300 crystal decanters, designed by architect Francisco Vieira de Campos, Tributa is one of the most exclusive Port wines in the market.

Quinta do Pôpa - Created as a tribute to the grandfather of the current owner, Stéphane Ferreira, Quinta do Pôpa farm is one of the most innovative winemaking projects in Portugal, shown in wines like Lolita & Milf from The Finkus Collection. Elaborated in collaboration with creative Finkus Bripp and with labels by french illustrator Mcbess, the collection brings great wines and design together in an exemplary manner.