Best of Portugal: Business

Inspired by the Spanish Tourist Office initiative developed with Monocle magazine in the last months and motivated by the lack of promotion of the best brands and places by the Portuguese Tourist Office, O Editorial will publish in the following weeks 50 of its favourite things in Portugal, from architecture and design to culture and urbanism. In the second part of Best of Portugal series, the focus will be on some of the best portuguese brands and manufacturers, that stand out for its quality products and constant search for innovation:

Delta - With its appealing Delta Q store, a project by Promontorio studio, the company founded by Rui Nabeiro in 1961 shows that beside their quality coffee they have a broader vision of the market, creating the perfect environment to promote Delta Q capsule system and other products of the group.

Nexx - Having little more than a decade of existence, Nexx assumed an important position in the motorcycle helmets field. With a clear commitment with quality and technical innovation, the portuguese brand stand out for the helmets durability, attention to detail and design of models like X70 Groovy or Hugo Boss Vintage (pictured).

Nelo - Founded in 1978, the kayak manufacturer from Vila do Conde is the global leader in flat water modalities, having 75% of the boats competing in the last Olympic Games, that achieved 25 medals in total. The semiartisanal manufacturing in materials like carbon and kevlar and costumization makes Nelo a favourite of olympic champions.

Couro Azul - With more than seven decades of know-how, Grupo Carvalhos is an inevitable reference in portuguese tanning industry. Their company Couro Azul has the most modern tanning industrial facility in Portugal, producing cowhides for the aeronautic and automotive industry, standing out the seats and steering wheels for brands like Volkswagen and Volvo.

Sienave - In their Nave quarry, near Monchique in Algarve, Sienave extracts an exclusive stone of the granite family, the Syenite. Beside urban furniture, paving and kitchen tops, this stone was the base of furniture and accesories brand +Stone, a collaboration with british design Michael Sodeau.