Bazar Noir

In a globalized world where everything is the same, be it in London or Milan, stores like Bazar Noir are an appealing alternative to mass production and taste. Located in the Kreuzberg district in Berlin, the store stands out for its original choice of products as well as the striking interior. As the name implies, the walls and ceilings are covered in deep black, which becomes the ideal stage for the objects to shine. Already on the top floor, the black gives way to wood, allowing the contrast between darker products and the warm and tactile side of this material.
However, the high point of Bazaar Noir is the careful selection of objects. Making an eclectic mix of avant-garde design, traditional pieces, local and international brands, and always giving special attention to the production processes and the origin of the products, Bazar Noir offers a beautiful selection of vintage objects and some of our favorite brands, including the lamps by Atelier Areti, objects by Fort Standard, arrows by Frederick & Mae, the collection of Futagami or Max Lipsey furniture. A must visit!

“Even though we obviously pick our goods for their fabulous looks, there’s more to them than meets the eye. When bleeding-edge design and traditional local production go hand in hand it’s a story for the Bazar Noir.”