Bardi's Bowl Chair

Following the exhibition 'Lina Bo Bardi: Together' (at the moment showing in Paris), that "pays tribute to Lina’s capacity to engage with every facet of culture and to see the potential in all manner of people", Arper offers since last November a limited edition of Bardi's Bowl Chair. Designed in 1951 in the italian architect and journalist adopted home of Brazil, the Bowl Chair is an icon of Lina Bo Bardi’s adaptive style. "Balancing the worlds of industrialized fabrication and the individualized object, Bo Bardi envisioned the Bowl Chair as flexible in structure while universal and essential in form. But, as with all of Bo Bardi’s designs, the ultimate emphasis remains on the human interaction with the object". With a limited edition of 500 pieces, the armchair stands out for its versatility, organic shape and brilliant usage of colour. Love it!