Archibald Optics

Founded in 2013 by Michael Tesfaye and Rohan Dhir, Archibald Optics was created with an ambition to create the finest eyewear in the world. Opting for a model of direct online distribution to consumers, the London brand takes a new position in the market, eliminating the middlemen and focusing only on producing quality frames. Taking inspiration from the elegance and classic British design, Archibald Optics collection is carefully produced in Fukui, Japan, by master craftsmen with decades of experience. With a manual manufacturing process that involves over 180 steps, the glasses incorporate the long Japanese artisan tradition, crossing extreme attention to detail with the 'Shokunin' concept, in which apprentices are taught not only the technical component, but also to have anĀ attitude and social consciousness.
Using the finest materials, including japanese acetate and titanium, Archibald Optics glasses are produced in limited series, allowing each frame to have the necessary attention in the manufacturing process. Combining manual production with a timeless design, the collection is highlighted by the models like the eccentric Clive, the striking Abebe or the classic Ayrton, we love it!