The name says it all... Altrescoses, Otrascosas, Otherthings, or AOO, is a new shop in Barcelona, that in the words of its founders "is a place where you can easily find things that are hard to find". Created by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro, AOO presents a selection of objects from different firms, places or craftsmen, 'otherthings' edited with several designers, produced in their own workshop or tailor-made pieces. With interior design by Arquitectura G, AOO is a simple and unpretentious store, where products shine through their quality and design. Besides Cesta lamp, and other pieces by my favourite brand Santa & Cole, you can find rattan cane chairs by Miguel Milá, furniture made and designed by Marc Morro, Formosa calendars by Enzo Mari, Another Country's ceramics and Adaism's leather stool, and more. Love it!