Alfred Kerbs

Recently we came across with an Alfred Kerbs sunglasses in Firmamento website, where are for sale a beautiful collaboration between Eldorado and the brand produced in Italy. Founded by Alfred Kerbs, born in Barcelona, the namesake brand stands out for its sunglasses with revivalist lines, timeless elegance and quality materials. Result of the attention to detail and perfectionism of the founder, the glasses feature unique twists on classic models, accessories that complement the style of any man or woman in an unmistakable way.
An excellent example of this is the Travel model. Introducing a familiar shape with its rounded form, this model is particularly attractive for the overlapped lens on the frame, rather than embedded in eyepiece.
With a more solid frame, The Bat is also quite unique for the contrast between the perfectly circular lenses and assumed misshapen frame.
Admittedly with vintage inspiration, Marky also features outer lenses combined with a typically seventies shape, achieved by a pronounced straight bridge, which gives it a strong and elegant image.
The ladies were not left out (the previous models are also unisex), with a beautiful selection of models like Carole, Holly and Le Chat, all produced with Mazzucchelli acetate and lenses by Divel or Zeiss. We love everything!

“Alfred Kerbs was born in Barcelona and now he is planning to conquer the world. Alfred Kerbs is an aesthete. His sunglasses are the ultimate symbol of style and distinction. Alfred Kerbs is a perfectionist. Alternative designs, a studied range of colors and top-quality materials. His creations are objects of seduction. Alfred Kerbs is not an easy man to find. His admirers will only find him in the most select places. Laid-back elegance is the essence of what makes us Alfred Kerbs.”