Alexandra Kehayoglou

When we saw the work of the artist Alexandra Kehayoglou it was love at first sight. After we read her interview with Freunde von Freunden, we were fascinated by her work and went exploring its unique art form, which revolves around re-creating nature scenes by developing complex rugs. Descendant of a family of Greek immigrants who currently has a reknown carpet factory in Argentina, Alexandra raised the family activity to the art form, having captured the attention of Belgian designer Dries Van Noten, who commissioned her to make a long naturalist carpet for his Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show in Paris.
Although this project for Dries Van Noten have been the one which had more visibility, the remaining work of the Argentine artist is far more impressive, especially the Refuges series. While in 'Refugio para unos días felices' a tropical beach and its sand serve as the subject of inspiration and ‘Refugio para un venado’ revealing a scene of the animal world with a deer wandering in a dense vegetation, it is in the ‘Refugio para un recuerdo’ that the artist reveals all her talent and attention to detail through an impressive installation with a swing surrounded with vegetation, a mixture of realism and mystery.
One of her other projects that caught our attention was the impressive 'En los pies de Elpiniki', inspired by her grandmother she never knew and a childhood surrounded by carpets. Referring to the journey that her grandmother Elpiniki did 90 years ago from Greece to Argentina, Alexandra developed a shoe-boat, symbolizing the tradition that her relative started in the new home country and a close connection with the natural world.