Alex Carro

The big names in the cosmetics industry can promise 'cure' for everything, but when we experience the products of independent brands like Alex Carro we can feel the true quality. Founded by Alexandra Carro, the brand based in Barcelona offers a collection of essential products, inspired by a small 'finca' with more than 200 years, located in the foothills of the Montseny mountains, and the flora of the surrounding forests. Produced in small quantities, Alex Carro products celebrate the simplicity and all the natural ingredients included in its composition (such as black pepper, juniper or geranium leaves) are there for a reason. With many years of experience in aromatherapy, Alexandra returned to the basics, offering beauty products for women and men, to suit all skin types, from head to toes. In addition to product quality, the packaging was developed by Andrew Trotter, co-founder of Openhouse magazine, completing perfectly the beautiful image of Alex Carro.

“The essence of Alex Carro is creating beauty and connecting with nature through simplicity and timelessness.”

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