Alfred Kerbs

Recently we came across with an Alfred Kerbs sunglasses in Firmamento website, where are for sale a beautiful collaboration between Eldorado and the brand produced in Italy. Founded by Alfred Kerbs, born in Barcelona, the namesake brand stands out for its sunglasses with revivalist lines, timeless elegance and quality materials. Result of the attention to detail and perfectionism of the founder, the glasses feature unique twists on classic models, accessories that complement the style of any man or woman in an unmistakable way.
An excellent example of this is the Travel model. Introducing a familiar shape with its rounded form, this model is particularly attractive for the overlapped lens on the frame, rather than embedded in eyepiece.
With a more solid frame, The Bat is also quite unique for the contrast between the perfectly circular lenses and assumed misshapen frame.
Admittedly with vintage inspiration, Marky also features outer lenses combined with a typically seventies shape, achieved by a pronounced straight bridge, which gives it a strong and elegant image.
The ladies were not left out (the previous models are also unisex), with a beautiful selection of models like Carole, Holly and Le Chat, all produced with Mazzucchelli acetate and lenses by Divel or Zeiss. We love everything!

“Alfred Kerbs was born in Barcelona and now he is planning to conquer the world. Alfred Kerbs is an aesthete. His sunglasses are the ultimate symbol of style and distinction. Alfred Kerbs is a perfectionist. Alternative designs, a studied range of colors and top-quality materials. His creations are objects of seduction. Alfred Kerbs is not an easy man to find. His admirers will only find him in the most select places. Laid-back elegance is the essence of what makes us Alfred Kerbs.”






Les Topettes

Wishing to embrace a new challenge, couple Lucia and Oriol, founded Les Topettes in 2011, a beautiful perfume and cosmetics shop in Barcelona. Despite the different career paths, Lucia in journalism and Oriol in the kitchen, Les Topettes (small bottle in French) brings together under one roof their passion for design and personal care products. Featuring a careful selection of independent brands and products difficult to find locally, the small shop is an alternative to more commercial distribution, focusing on quality, personalized service and a beautiful and welcoming space. Located in the Raval neighborhood, a short walk from MACBA, Les Topettes presents an eclectic selection of classic and modern brands, including our favorite Juniper Ridge, Mr. Natty, Diptyque or the portuguese Musgo Real. A must visit!

“The aim of Les Topettes is to reach a young audience interested in image, originality and uniqueness of beauty and personal care products.”





Alex Carro

The big names in the cosmetics industry can promise 'cure' for everything, but when we experience the products of independent brands like Alex Carro we can feel the true quality. Founded by Alexandra Carro, the brand based in Barcelona offers a collection of essential products, inspired by a small 'finca' with more than 200 years, located in the foothills of the Montseny mountains, and the flora of the surrounding forests. Produced in small quantities, Alex Carro products celebrate the simplicity and all the natural ingredients included in its composition (such as black pepper, juniper or geranium leaves) are there for a reason. With many years of experience in aromatherapy, Alexandra returned to the basics, offering beauty products for women and men, to suit all skin types, from head to toes. In addition to product quality, the packaging was developed by Andrew Trotter, co-founder of Openhouse magazine, completing perfectly the beautiful image of Alex Carro.

“The essence of Alex Carro is creating beauty and connecting with nature through simplicity and timelessness.”

Imagen 006




Tomás Alonso

The first time I came across with a piece designed by Tomás Alonso was when I saw the 5º trestles for Moormann. Its simplicity and attention to small details were the elements that caught my attention on these trestles, which could be used as a base of a table top or as a small stool. Looking at the work of Tomás Alonso, designer born in Spain, we can see his passion for materials - wood, stone, metal - and the intentional intersection between art and design, the sculptural and the practical, between poetry and pragmatism. Drawing on many occasions apparently too simple objects, Alonso counteracts this containment of form with details filled with irony. The table ‘A Frame’ for Karimoku New Standard is an excellent example of this: an tripod shaped trestle combines a structure in solid wood with the third leg in a colorful metal, giving an unexpected look to a classic silhouette. Following the same logic with the combination of materials, Alonso has over the years developed a series of pieces that cross materials in an exemplary manner, as the ‘Val de Barco' tables for Sirvent that combine chestnut, granite and painted steel. However, the most striking pieces that Alonso developed was for Offset collection of the Italian brand Maxdesign. While the functional storage system is especially appealing for mixing modularity and elegance, the tables offer an unexpected visual freshness and unusual solutions for workspaces. Assuming a bridge between craft and technology, Tomás Alonso is one of our favorite designers!









Apart from the beautiful collection of products from his online store Alquián, our friend David Moya always gives good suggestions, and August was the latest. Created by Better Es Mejor, an unique creative agency, August is a summer temporary store, open until the end of this month in Sotogrande, Spain. Featuring some brands previously found in other pop-up spaces by Better Es Mejor (as The Apartment, The Patio and The Hovse) and some new additions, August offers an eclectic selection of clothing, personal accessories, items for the home and gourmet products, as Aunty B carpets, Bel Cashmere collection, Nuria Blanco ceramics, Marne footwear and Boxer Union. A must visit!

"Pack up and travel light. Crossing borders, see the world. Bring schedules and not comply to it. Making plans like sandcastles. And undo them like sand castles. The taste of salt, the taste of the sea ... set up tents. Climb a Mediterranean vine. And take a nap under it. Walking barefoot. Lie, never on one's back, just lie. Light candles, hanging lamps. Throw rugs. Airing the sheets. Eat well. Buy beautiful."







Founded by Marcel Baer, a swiss graphic designer living in Barcelona, Octaevo is one of my latest discoveries. Inspired by the summers spent at his grandparents house in southern Spain, by his father's deep sea diving images and countless sixties films documenting his mother's family trips in the Mediterranean, Baer paired his obsession for stationery with his passion for history, travelling and the sea.
The result is a beautiful collection of notebooks, agendas and totes, made by local artisans with high quality materials. Infused with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, through vivid and joyful colours, Octaevo products are perfect for dreamers, explorers and collectors. Love it!





Inspired by the mediterranean lifestyle, Medwinds it's one of the most exciting spanish brands of the moment. Combining timeless design, attention to detail and quality materials, the brand from Barcelona offers a collection full of basics and essential pieces for men and women, all produced in small factories around the Med. Beside the appealing cotton blazers and denim shirts, Medwinds also presents footwear and practical backpacks, among other things. In their HandMed range, made together with local artisans, the leather Buqbuq satchels and the rugs made with jute soles are my favourite pieces.


In the last Marset catalogue, with cover illustration by Max Dalton, the lighting manufacturer shows the reason for being one of the best spanish design brands. Pairing the creativity of veteran designers, like Lluís Porqueras or Antonio Miró, and young talents, like Mathias Hahn ou Mashallah duo, Marset presents an eclectic and timeless collection with great attention to detail. Beside the reedition of the classic Funiculí, designed in 1979 by Porqueras, and the original Tam Tam by Fabien dumas, the cosy Cala by Joan Gaspar and the geometric Scantling by Hahn touch the right spots when it comes to good design.


Founded by designer trio Ommar Uribe, Pedro Rivera and Raúl Durá, the spanish brand Omelette born from the desire of "commercializing stuff under their very own view of design". Investing in the simplicity and honesty of products, Omelette presents three products at this moment (more will be added soon) and the mirrors are the most appealing. Designed to lean against the wall, the mirrors are produced in black painted steel and stand out for its organic shapes and delicate cork feet.

Cesta by Santa & Cole

Santa & Cole may not present the flashiest products or collaborate with the most renowned designers, but it's one of my favourite brands not only for the simplicity, quality and attention to detail of its products, as well for respecting history and timeless aesthetic. Beside lighting by Arne Jacobsen and Ilmari Tapiovaara, the elegant Digamma armchair by Ignazio Gardella, design books and urban furniture, the lamps conceived by Miguel Milá are true classics of spanish design, and Cesta lantern it's a perfect example of Santa & Cole philosophy. Designed in 1964, the lamp has a cherry wood frame and a glass opal inner globe, giving a very warm light. With clear eastern inspiration and having a practical handle for moving it around, Cesta it's perfect for any space, be it on a table or floor.