Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

The year 2014 was really special, both on a personal level, as here in O Editorial. In addition to the confirmation that the collaborations launched in the previous year were a success, we introduced new products, selected especially for our store. However, the highlight of this field was the launch of the O Editorial bicycle together with the Velo Culture, using a beautiful frame made and painting in Portugal and high quality components.
In addition, we launched an advisory service, in which we're dedicated to produce the best content for brands with which we identify.
For 2015, we will continue to present local and international projects that we admire the most, as well as exploring new products and collaborations to our store. We wish you a great 2015!

And because last year was also an excellent year in terms of posts, here are 12 portuguese projects and products that inspired us in 2014 and that weren't published in O Editorial:
- The new Yara sunglasses by Paulino Spectacles for the original design...
- The beautiful book covers by publisher Orfeu Negro...
- The functional wooden bar Mister by Wewood...
- The magnificent work of Cristiana Couceiro...
- The original lamps by Orikomi...
- The appealling low table Times 4 designed by Gonçalo Campos for Polit...
- The revival of 12 as an elegant men's magazine...
- The excellent debut album of Sequin, a solo project by Ana Miró...
- The timeless Barney sneakers by Bernardo M42...
- The Ulnar gloves, a collaboration between Newfangle and Dream Wheels...
- The new collection Love Who You Want, designed by Christian Lacroix for Vista Alegre...
- And the simplicity of Roda chair by Branca Lisboa.

O Editorial Xmas 2014: Ideal & Co Bag

Being part of our first collection of collaborations, the Ideal & Co bag is the perfect Christmas gift.
Under the motto ‘some things stay with you forever’, Ideal & Co pairs tradition and contemporary style in a exemplary way, shown by an appealing collection of bags and accessories in leather. Produced in Aire and Candeeiros mountains under the watchful eye of experienced artisans, the collection reflects a serious commitment with quality, attention to detail, timeless design and sustainability, result of a 100% vegetable tanning process.
In the first collaboration with O Editorial, Ideal & Co made a special edition bag in leather and 100% wool felt, produced in a portuguese wool mill with more than 80 years, being perfect to take your personal accessories, laptop, tablet or favourite books. Buy it here.

Material - 100% vegetable tanned leather, 100% wool felt, lining in 100% cotton chambray , brass hardware, shoulder strap in cotton and thick leather.

Made in Portugal

O Editorial x Velo Culture Launch Party

To go to Porto there is always a good excuse, but this time it was worth it even more, since it was for the launch party of the O Editorial x Velo Culture bicycle. At Velo Culture, many friends and customers gathered to see firsthand the beautiful collaboration that we have developed together, and the expansion of the store at the Matosinhos market. In addition to this and the cocktails prepared by Jameson, the Alley Cat race through Matosinhos streets complemented the party perfectly. I would like to thank Miguel Barbot and Sérgio Moura, co-founders of Velo Culture, for their hospitality and excellent work on the bike, all the familiar (and unknown) faces that made us company and of course to José Lima of Ideal & Co, for the friendship and ride! You can see the party video below, filmed by Sidney Dore.

O Editorial x Velo Culture

After we released the first collaborations a year ago, we are very proud to present the special edition bicycle O Editorial x Velo Culture. In addition to being our mean of daily transportation in the city, bicycles are for us an object of impeccable design, pairing shape and movement exemplary. As with everything, there are bicycles more appealing than others and for this special edition we could not have found better especialists in 'beautiful' bikes. Founded by three friends (Miguel, Sérgio and Hugo), Velo Culture was the first store in Portugal to sell the best classic and urban bicycle brands. 
In the first collaboration with O Editorial, Velo Culture has created a special edition bicycle. Possessing an elegant track steel frame, produced and painted in Portugal, and quality components, this bike will definitely make a splash in the city streets.
During this week, we will present this edition in detail, be aware!



Photos by Alice Bernardo

Martim Sunglasses at O Editorial Shop

Designed by Ramiro Paulino, third generation of a family of opticians, the Paulino Spectacles glasses are carefully handcrafted, by artisans with decades of experience, in the last factory in the Iberian Peninsula. 

Step by step, “the artisan gives life to the piece envisioned by the designer and transforms the raw material, from the mould and the cutting of the acetate through to the manual polishing of each piece, which makes each one unique,” says Ramiro Paulino.

Combining comfort, durability and timeless design, Martim sunglasses are the perfect accessory to protect your eyes in style. After my visit to the Paulino Spectacles factory and the admiration i've for this Portuguese brand, Martim sunglasses are available  in O Editorial shop, in a beautiful shade of petrol blue and brown Mazzucchelli acetate.



New Site & New Products

Celebrating two years of existence, O Editorial presents a new website and a collection of special edition products, in collaboration with some of the most exciting portuguese brands.
Reflecting my passion for design and style, O Editorial writes about the best things made in Portugal and abroad, with a focus on quality products, small businesses and people that have something to say. In the new website, you'll find the same editorial style as ever, but in a more functional and appealing environment, available in english and portuguese.
The products range, it's an old dream come true. Getting together some of my favourite portuguese brands, the exclusive product range of O Editorial pairs timeless design with traditional production techniques, standing out for the materials quality, attention to detail and functionality. In the next two weeks i will present the new products and the people behind it. I hope you like it and continue to follow O Editorial!

O Editorial Goes Global

When i started O Editorial six months ago, i didn't expect that the international visits would be as many. As such, O Editorial has english texts from now on. Enjoy reading! Image from VitraAo contrário do que estava à espera quando iniciei O Editorial há seis meses, as visitas internacionais superam largamente as minhas expectativas. Como tal, O Editorial tem textos em inglês a partir de agora.

Image from Vitra