The Cult of Margaret Howell

With more than 40 years of carreer, Margaret Howell is a true symbol of british style, her timeless collections match discreet elegance with the best materials, having followers in the four corners of the world. In this excellent article of Wall Street Journal Magazine, 'The Cult of Margaret Howell' shows the person behind the brand, her references and inspirations. And like the inonic designer Kenneth Grange said in the article: "What makes her so unique is that she manages to flourish in a lunatic world of silly clothes for often silly people."

Margaret Howell x Anglepoise

I always liked the simple and organic style of Margaret Howell collections and the timeless design and functionality of Anglepoise lamps, brands that now get together to present a new colour of the classic Type75, originally designed by Kenneth Grange in the seventies. Only available in Margaret Howell stores, the floor and table lamps in an appealing tone of yellow ochre are the ideal complement to any desk or reading area.