A Frame for Life

Launched in October last year, 'A Frame for Life' is one of the books that we most wanted to browse lately. After we received it last week, the book became a true inspiration, not only for the magnificent images of the various projects signed by Ilse Crawford, but also for its unpretentious speech, frankness and objectivity. As one of the designers that we most admire, Ilse Crawford has the gift to give to her projects an unmistakable touch and cozy element in a perfect balance between beauty, functionality and humanism. Aiming to put man at the center of everything that she designs, Ilse Crawford has developed over the past years an unique language that stands out for the eclecticism, comfort and tactility. In addition to presenting all projects by Studio Ilse so far, the book, designed by Studio Frith, is a clear manifesto in favor of emotional design, of spaces that must be lived and felt ready to improve the daily lives of those who use them. An essential reading!

“I must have seen around five thousand different interior spaces over the years as an editor, and was struck by how few felt right, no matter how good they looked. In fact often, the better the photograph, the less engaging the reality. So i left magazines. I began researching for myself the idea of interior architecture and design that could enhance life”.